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Dodgy template and Carousel Basic transition jquery image gallery in wayne showcase

This demo is a jquery image gallery drupal 7 with fantastic Carousel Basic effect and awesome Dodgy theme.

Videos and Walkthroughs

Grab step-by-step help with hundreds of training videos and Faqs.

Picture Maker

Along with 17 various features, the see a demo here innovative image editor helps you to spin, crop and re-size your graphics to receive incredible outcomes.

SEO Friendly

Basic HTML5 is used to construct the slide show. This makes it effortless for the various search engines to examine the website click here to see the demo efficiently, while still keeping your site looking great. This makes your website not just pleasing to your customers but will keep search engines, from web sites such as Google, happy as well.

Background Songs

Often times the text and photos on the site are not enough to ensure the attention of your site guests. You are able to easily add dynamics and rate to your carousel with the incorporating of an audio soundtrack.

Totally Customizable

Create your slideshow outstanding. Take remarkable pre-made designs and modify everything - images, backgrounds, colors, fonts and text with the mouse click.

Slide show skins

jSlider offers more than A hundred skillfully designed slideshow themes. From ultra-modern minimalist to bold and traditional, jSlider has a template that matches your specific design palate.

Everything That You Need For A Terrific Slider

Make and get the image or video slide show up and running quickly. Effective publishing and content features offer you 100 % management over your carousel. Utilize jSlider high-quality template collection to impress visitors with specialized multimedia shows. jSlider provide all you should have to add a an excellent slideshow to your web site.

Facebook slideshow

Conveniently export to Facebook and generate a social hype for your graphics.

Slide show Styles

Skins may be totally personalized and altered to achieve your goals. Slider style is only limited by your imagination.

Without jQuery?

If you desire not to use jQuery in your creation, the idea of adding a heavy library just so you may slide pictures is not a good idea. If you delete all JavaScript but ".js" calls from a web page, the jSlider functions as a 100% CSS slideshow! Even if JavaScript has been disabled or is not supported, this perfect CSS fallback continues to are available great.